Leather Heart Lockdown in the Diabolique Brig

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Leather Heart Foundation, who was a past ticket beneficiary of Diabolique Ball, will be hosting a lockdown in the dungeon from 9PM-11PM.

What is a charity lockdown? Arresting officers will distribute 100 copies of “citations” each of which  list a selection of “charges” that the person buying the arrest wishes to be read to the “prisoner,” before that person is hauled away for 5 minutes in the Brig.

Guards  keep track of the time, and then release prisoner after their time is served. A prisoner may opt to “bribe” the guard with a $10 donation and go AWOL and then seek vengeance upon their friend whom initiated the original court martial by issuing retaliatory charges. What happens in the brig, stays int the brig! Expect groping, spanking and torment, (unless they use the Diabolique Ball safeword which is “safeword”) Interrment guards perform  mischievous acts of “harassment” on the prisoners  and will remind you that you can make a $10 donation/ bribe to get out early that will help raise more money!

This year’s lockdown is presented by (and will benefit) The Leather Heart Foundation! Come out and be bad for a good cause!

2011 Beneficiary: American Veterans for Equal Rights

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American Veterans for Equal Rights is forming a Philadelphia chapter to assist local veterans and activists in fighting the national battle for equitable treatment of LGBT service members and their families.

AVER is a 21 year old national veterans service organization made up primarily of LGBT military veterans.  They have been working to overturn the nearly 100 year old ban against gay service members, and we were one of the first organizations to interact with the Pentagon on a “soldier to soldier” basis, providing answers to many of the military’s questions about LGBT military service from an insider’s perspective, something they could respect and trust much more than lobbyists, researchers, and politicians trying to force something on them for reasons other than creating a more effective military.  Because AVER is a VSO and supports the mission of the military, they were able to turn the argument around and reframe the issue as one of how the ban hurt the military and how the Pentagon, the armed forces in general, and the nation itself would be more secure as a result of removing the ban.  They were successful in helping win over the support of key members of Congress as well as current and former Chairs of the Joint Chiefs.

AVER has been featured on news casts around the world including broadcasts in France, the far east, and the BBC.  As president of AVER I was profiled recently on a CNN Veterans Day special highlighting the diversity of the veterans community, a great honor of a vet who became one of the first service members to be discharged under DADT in 1994 following statements in support of Bill Clinton’s promise to lift the ban.  See the video feature of the national president of AVER, Danny Ingram:

Now that the ban has been lifted AVER is shifting their focus to ensuring that the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is fully implemented, including securing equal benefits for LGBT military personnel and their partners, which involves overturning DOMA.  Additionally, as a VSO they will be working to ensure that all veterans, including LGBT vets, get the full benefits from the Veterans Administration that they have been promised.  This will be an important battle not only for LGBT vets, but for all returning service members who may see a much more conservative political environment take aim at budget reductions by skimping on veterans benefits.  There is also the issue of transgender service, since the repeal of DADT did nothing for transgendered service members.  AVER is working to repeal the ban on transgender service and develop strategies to allow for the integration of trans personnel into the ranks of those whose primary mission is and has always been the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America.

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Hotel Palomar is offering a rate of $189 for the nights of December 2nd and 3rd. Please call-in to make your reservations. Since this is such a last minute booking, all reservations would need to be reserved by Wednesday, November 30th. After Wednesday, November 30th, rooms will be released back into inventory and guests will be subject to prevailing rates. All of rates include complimentary Coffee Service each morning as well as complimentary Wine Hour each evening. We have a fitness center on property which your guests will be able to access 24-hours a day with their room key.

Diabolique Ball countdown: Five parties (and counting)+ for the price of one!

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As the dates for our party weekend draw near, we have managed to add a few great events to your weekend itinerary! Enjoy! And keep your eyes peeled for more updates tomorrow!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 2: Three FREE events for Diabolique guests!
Noon-7PM Renee Masoomian trunk show  – Join latex designer Renee Masoomian for a rare opportunity to shop directly with our recently departed hometown goddess of latex– Now that Renee is in New York, there are but a few opportunities to shop her entire collection here in Philadelphia so don’t miss your chance! PASSIONAL Boutique  is located at 704 S. 5th St in Philadelphia and is open noon -10PM Daily.

Shop direct from designer Renee Masoomian of BabyLove's Latex

5-9PM Bottom’s Up Pre-Diabolique Ball Meet & Greet at The Bike Stop Dress up (or undress)  and meet other Diabolique Ball guests during the new- wave-powered happy hour at Philly’s leather bar, The Bike Stop (206 s. Quince St near 11th & Walnut)!

9-2 Assimilate! Industrial EBM dance party at XO Lounge (your Diabolique ticket gets you in before 11, parade over from the BikeStop @9PM)! Diabolique DJs Mike Saga and Dr. Octo-Pussy will be in the house! XO Lounge is located at 1437 South Street.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 3- Get ready for the Ball:
12-9 Ticketholder Discounts at Delicious Boutique (1040 N. American St. on Liberties Walk), PASSIONAL (704 S. 5th St), and Sexploratorium (620 S. 5th St.)

Diabolique Ball:Military Ops kicks off 9PM @ Shampoo

SUNDAY DECEMBER 4: Veterans brunch!
12-1 Rubber/ fetish brunch with Jade at Twisted Tail at 509 South 2nd Street.

Rsvp required by Saturday! No admission fee, but pay your food check & tip your servers! Dress in fetish, and enjoy this exhibitionist and delicious debriefing of a great weekend! This is an excellent time to swap photos, contact information or food with the fine folks you met during your tour of duty!

Ticket purchasing problems? Glitch with IE reported!

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There is a glitch with the Internet Explorer browser that prevents tickets from being purchased while using the browser- if you can use Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari browsers to make your purchases it will work. ‘

Internet Explorer users: If you are redirected to the homepage please user another web browser or this link to purchase:

Several folks have had problems with online ticket purchasing, but with the help of the Box Office Tickets tech team, we figured out why we weren’t having troubles on our own computers, but many folks were being redirected to the main “polular events” page on Box Office tickets.

We apologize for this situation.


Pre-Diabolique meet & greet: Bottoms up!

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Folks have been asking for an opportunity to meet and greet, and we have found the perfect opportunity!

Shop at the PASSIONAL’s trunk show with latex designer Renee Masoomian, then head west for pre-ball mixer Friday, December 2 at the weekly BOTTOMS UP: Retro Happy Hour, featuring a mix of retro rock and new wave nuggets from DJ Robert Drake and John Stanley; along with cheap-ass drinks poured by Michael Casey where you can meet, mix and mingle with the troops before kicking off a weekend of debauchery! Click the flyer for more info!

Bottoms Up Fridays at the Bike Stop

Domina Irene Boss will be selling videos at Diabolique Ball

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Celebrity Guest Irene Boss will be selling and signing DVD’s at Diabolique Ball!

MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) produces award winning Fem Dom DVDs.
Over 100 titles are available in stores. Irene Boss has traveled
extensively to learn different ideologies about Female Domination. She
is internationally known as a dominatrix, sensual sadist, and bondage
top who enjoys throwing whips as well as administering a wide range of
electrical play. The Compound is a world renown Female Dominant Studio
and Irene is an extended scene specialist with an interest in video
production. An enormous amount of educational video content plus vast
instructional picture galleries and intelligent written entries await
you in the extensive exclusive member’s area of DomBoss.Com.
Memberships through MIB Productions come with VOD access and DVD
specials. MIB Productions hosts the free community messageboard