Sponsors & Celebrity Guests

With your help, Diabolique Ball generally donates more than 10,000 each year to charities that provide vital services to Philadelphia’s diverse communities.

If you are a fetish celebrity, entertainer or business who would like to attend Diabolique Ball, email diaboliqueball@gmail.com to find out how your promotion of our event can earn you advertising on our site as well as a free ticket to the Ball.

Celebrity guests in the past have included Will Clark, Ilsa Strix, Midori, Persephone and Leda, Lady Jay, Digital Orgasm, Mistress Mir, Lalique, The Baroness, Dante Posh, Jade Vixen, Veronica Bound, Mistress Britt, the Men of Male Ego, and other infamous bundles of hotness!

We look forward to hearing from you and featuring you on our site.

3 Responses to “Sponsors & Celebrity Guests”

  1. I understand from speaking to the vendor at Santa Saturday that titleholders are admitted free. Is this correct?

    Mr. DC Leather 2011

    • Absolutely. To RSVP as a titleholder/celebrity guest, just send a photo (and any other bio/info you wish to share like website, etc) and we will add you to our celebrity guest list. We do this so that titleholders can kick back and enjoy a party with no responsibility during their title year!

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