Got Talent?

Dommes and Daddies

Sign up with  to present a (two-person) interactive fetish performance (up to 20 minutes) in our dungeon to get a celebrity link from– then stick around to enjoy the Ball all night long.
Just send us your scene and your URL to and we will write you into our plans for the night and for the site.

Dancers and other performers

Get complimentary admission for providing “ambient dancing” or shows on our dance boxes for shows “on the floor” throughout the night. Get a link from our site, enjoy the party, and donate your tips for a great cause!

Visual Artists

If you create themed art that is appropriate to our annual theme, please send us pics as we would love to showcase your art at Diabolique Ball and on our website.

Artists are the most qualified and creative folks to support being “Bad for a Good Cause”

6 Responses to “Got Talent?”

  1. I am a tarot and rune specialist I will donate my time for readings and payments for reading can go as donations


  2. Hi!! I’d love to be part of your talent listing for 2011 Fetish Ball.
    I am a Feature Entertainer (Exotic Dancer) & Burlesque Artist–as well as a Fetish / Glamour / Alt model with her own website and established internet following.
    Feel free to contact me, and I hope to hear from you!!
    Best Wishes,
    Vixxa Violet

  3. Hello Kali.

    About the volunteer performances. Are they to be done on the stage or at selected spaces within Shampoo during the Ball? My wife and a friend of ours are interested in volunteering, but they need that information to see what to expect, and how to prepare before committing to this.

    Thanks and I will see you there.


    • If you are looking to do a dungeon performance, email Brooklyn: It is pretty casual, basically you do a scheduled scene that can’t involve full nudity but can include percussion, bondage, sensation, fetish play as per your tastes. All dungeon playstations are monitored, so space can be cleared somewhat ahead of time if needed.

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