Get Involved with Diabolique!

Nobody gets paid for the work donated to make each year’s Ball a great time. Without dozens of volunteers, sponsors, promoters and friends lending their time and talents, the Ball would cease to exist.

Event organizers have  in the past funded the event out-of-pocket – never taking any of the proceeds except to reimburse event expenses. There are no “administrative fees.” We pay for materials and promotion, food and performers, and some essential services (if they are not donated). Please consider donating your products, services or money to fund the efforts of the Diabolique Ball by emailing

Diabolique happens because communities, adventurers, artists, friends and sometimes even enemies come together for one reason: To Be Bad for a Good Cause.

2 Responses to “Get Involved with Diabolique!”

  1. I’d love to volunteer for the Ball if any help would be needed! I’m a BBW fetish provider in the area and would love to be involved in the event in some way. If I could be of service at all, please contact me.
    Thank you.


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