Strict Dress Code

Strict Dress Code

Diabolique Ball is always a FETISH/ FORMAL DRESS CODE MANDATORY EVENT… if you don’t arrive in fetish fashion/ uniform/ costume or with a costume to change into, you will be stripped to your skivvies or turned away at the gate!
Acceptable attire includes:

Themed costumes (full military dress uniforms, antique shirts, flight helmets, corsets, etc.), thongs n’ pasties or barely there (jockstraps, etc), dancewear fetishwear (latex, leather, vinyl, rubber, pleather, and shiny stuff, bondage spikes, etc.) drag (full crossdressing with accessories that is NOT business attire) fishnet, bodystockings, lingerie, saran wrap, fashion tape, plastic glam, cyber rave, all neon, diapers and bonnet, military dress uniforms
formalwear (tuxedo or gown- not suits!), nurses dresses (no scrubs- though a lab coat and thong might suffice) or body paint (professional body painting service is available for hire at the Ball).

Costumes of Diabolique:

This year’s Military theme lends itself to
Historical reenactment uniforms  including hoop skirts and bustles
Leather or latex combat gear
Aviator caps and Goggles
Brass cyber-gear
Pencil skirts and uniform jackets

Unacceptable attire includes:

denim (including black, unless under leather chaps)
suits (except on FULL facial hair covered drag kings)
medical scrubs (unless accompanied by character makeup or fetish accessories),
racially (or otherwise) offensive costumes and symbols (no KKK costumes or swastikas).

A changing area and clothing check will are available at the entrance to the Ball.

13 Responses to “Strict Dress Code”

  1. D.Williams Says:

    Are Halloween costumes accepted as well?

    • diaboliquefoundation Says:

      As long as there is a fetishistic element- leather boots, collars, cuffs, etc.
      Remember no sneakers!

  2. can I wear my crotchless tights or are genitals not permitted to be seen…if so I can wear a leotard on top.

  3. what about a wrestling singlet….with wrestling shoes

    • Apparently it looks like the Army vs. Navy wrestling match may be shaping up… we will have to consider this as a theme for a future Diabolique Ball. In the meantime, bring on your wrestling gear boys!

  4. hi, wanted to wear wrestling gear (singlet with wrestling shoes). is that ok?

  5. Would BDU pants be ok if the rest of my outfit was latex?

  6. I was wondering if neo-classical field military gear with face paint would work? I have BDU’s with a WW2 era shirt, field belt with multiple authentic packs and pouches, authentic packs and field satchels, bronze painted eye patch and fake .50 cal bronze painted rounds for neck wear, and boots. Couple it with face paint and it’s a solid fetish outfit for the military lovers out there, but it’s not a dress uniform. Is that acceptable?

  7. If we come prepared to change, rather than wear our clothes to the club, is there a safe place to leave our things after we change? (Coat check, lockers, something for the “in the closet” attendees?)

    • YES. There is a dressing room and clothing/coat/bag check in the foyer before the ticket collection. There are also “dressing room assistants” who have volunteered to help lace corsets, slide you into and shine your latex, etc. The assistants each have “tip buckets” where they are collecting donations for the Diabolique charities.

      PLEASE NOTE: The volunteer dressing room assistants are not employees of the club, however the coat/bag checkers are, so please do not forget to show your appreciation to the coat check folks in addition to any “dressing room donations” you are able to make as these folks only make what you tip them!

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