Play Rules


How to get good at being bad
These rules apply to play throughout the club, especially in monitored “play areas.”

The Ball is an occasion to dress up and have fun. That is the only participation that is required. Nobody is obligated to play. You may stand at a respectful distance and watch other people’s scenes without worry of being coerced into participating.

A winched wench Libertine Ball 2008

The Rules-

  • You are not required to play, although you may be invited (if you are not interested DON’T FREAK OUT, simply say “No thank you”)
  • The Ball attracts many persuasions of guests, and respect for diverse lifestyles is required at all times. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Other people are not obligated to play with you. You may ask, but remember that NO means NO.
  • Genitals and female nipples (due to LCB regulations) must be covered.
  • Monitors have final say.

You may see things that will turn you off, or even upset you. That’s okay… you don’t have to watch, you can simply wander into another corner of the club to find some other activity that is more appealing to you.

There will be MONITORS in orange vests on duty at all times. There are also a quite a number of security guards, the Diabolique hosts and hostesses and hundreds of experienced people from an assortment of alternative lifestyles. If you have questions, find someone who is not playing and ask . You may politely express your interest to a potential player, or have a friend ask, but remember that NO means NO.

Ask the monitor or host/ess if you need directions to another part of the party or if you have questions about performance times, etc. ASK the MONITOR or host/ess to recommend someone who might be a compatible player. There are no guarantees, but it never hurts to ask (don’t become pesky).

ASK THE MONITOR if you are unclear about play area policies and rules.


Diabolique Ball is an event for adults 21 and over that takes place in a venue with a liquor license. Pennsylvania and New Jersey clubs that serve alcohol do not allow nudity, so keep the genitals/nether regions covered. There will be no overt sexual activity. Under no circumstances should any fake or real organ or extremity penetrate any orifice. Ask the MONITOR for tape or liquid latex to cover female nipples if you wish to expose them (or buy pasties).
Alert MONITORs (with orange armbands) or security regarding potential hazards, harassment, breech of regulations, or other problems. They have the final say in any disagreement. We will not allow anyone to do anything that could jeopardize our ability to protect the club’s liquor license.

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