Buy Tickets

Tickets are cheaper when you buy in advance:

October 1-15 $25

October 16-31 $35

November $45

December $50

VIP ticket are $100 and include open bar all night plus finger foods in the VIP lounge.


10 Responses to “Buy Tickets”

  1. Regina Hart Says:

    Intrested in 4 VIP tics

  2. What is the difference between VIP and Regular tickets apart from the price ? What will the VIP provide for guests it is not clear, Thanks

    • VIP tickets include open bar and appetizers all night long. Otherwise, it’s all the same party. There are 2 VIP playstations that are hosted by Mistress Saeri which are open for play.

      • Thank you. I noticed the answer after I posted the question So looking forward to seeing you again it’s been way to long. Adrian

  3. Can you get tickets the day of the event or only pre-order?

    • Yes, you can get tickets at the door. However, you may wish to pick them up at Delicious Boutique or PASSIONAL Boutique earlier during the day of the event to avoid long ticket lines at the door.

  4. I am sure this will be not go over well but is there ay way to return tickets? Trust me when I tell you this is not because I do not want to go I was really excited, it is the fact that some personal issues have come about which I am pretty sure will keep me from being able to attend.

    • diaboliquefoundation Says:

      Unfortunately tickets are not refundable, but your donation supports important charitable work (and I am sure you can sell tickets especially if you paid the advance discount price!!(

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