Mainstage performers

Sir Guy, New York

Sir Guy will demonstrate his interrogatory talents with a willing victim

Ms. Cherries Jubalee- Chicago, IL

Cherries Jubalee of Chicago will perform with Burlesque artists Valentine and Minx

Ms. CherriesJubalie identifies as a Switch, a Professional Domme, and has been active in the Chicago Leather Community for over five years. She presents at local and national lifestyle and educational events such as Atlanta Bound, Shibaricon, Madtown KinkFest, Twisted Tryst, and GLLA. A sex positive enigma, she is also a unique Burlesque performer recently seen on America’s Got Talent and officially designated by the NBC censor as having an “ass too dangerous for prime time tv.” She is an internationally known fetish model currently seen in Bondage Magazine and on the Cover of Lee Harrington’s Sacred Kink. Her article “Behold the Power of Shoes” is soon to be published in Power Exchange Magazine. An avid supporter and educator of BDSM and alternative lifestyles she volunteers for the Leather Archives & Museum. For more information see

Liberty City Kings- LICK’s 2012 Calendar is now on sale! Their next show: Vixens & Vagabonds Queer & Kinky Cabaret: Glitter Resistance 1/7/12 8pm at Tabu

Lascivious Jane was weaned at 5 from her Mama’s breast to a bottle of bourbon.  By 10 she realized the local one room schoolhouse was not the type of education she was after, rather she spent a large part of her youth in ‘med school’ with the local village kids and is quite good at playing doctor.  She did however get straight As in Sex Ed during her very short stint in Catholic School, but was kicked out when Mother Superior realized she was “helping” all the boys with their homework.  This sweet n sultry All American girl knows how to use her assets to her advantage and has received lots of spankings for mischief making… both of which she loves.

The winner of Mr. Philly Drag King 2011 Rasta Boi Punany is shy … until he sees what he likes and then he smoothes his way into some punany. Smooth and laid back, he’ll talk you right out of your panties … and will make you sweat.


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