Commanding Officers: Celebrity Guests/ Titleholders

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Domina Irene Boss is an international, award winning and highly experienced lifestyle and professional domme known for her world famous 3 story 6000 square foot Compound is excessively equipped and contains 6 opulent theme rooms. You may also know her from her femdom videos and DVD’s.  We are honored to have Domina Irene joining us this year!

Irene Boss is bringing hardcore visuals for sale at Diabolique Ball

Latex Nemesis is a talented latex designer from North Jersey.  Her latex hoods are especially sought after as well as her custom work.  Nemesis will be gracing us with a vac cube performance!

We’d like to welcome lovely fetish model and performer Lydia Lael to her first Diabolique Ball!  She is also the creative force behind her latex line, Vengeance Designs

Lifestyle and professional domme, Goddess Eden, has several years of experience dealing with naughty boys and girls in and out of a dungeon.  This seductive vixen will have you on all fours.

Goddess Ava St. Marks

New York based Master Virage has been in the scene for over 20 years, both lifestyle and professionally. He strives to make the BDSM experience passionate and memorable. His favorite things are electricity,  interrogations and abductions.  Master Virage has been in love with latex and uniforms for years and loves to wear both

Philadelphia’s own Coral Korrupt has 9 years of experience as a pro domme.  She’s starred in numerous femdom videos and her theatrical single tail scenes are a site to behold!  Catch her in the dungeon if you can!

Asian Goddess Lydia Supremacy is both a lifestyle and professional dominant and fetish model.  Aside from her huge military uniform fetish, behavior modification, discipline, latex, forced femme and consensual non-consent really get her juices flowing.  She’ll be bringing some of her favorite implements to the ball!

Goddess Thain, a local professional Domme & educator, has enjoyed teaching and playing in the Philadelphia scene over the past 11 years. As a sadist, her tastes run to bondage, corporal, and needleplay (both artistic & torture), but she is easy to approach, and enjoys conversing, and playing, with novices, couples, and the curious alike.

Lily Moon, a curvaceous, pale and buxom professional Dominant with her cat-like eyes, long raven black hair, long fingernails and high stiletto heels. Known for being the person you come to when you are looking to explore all things dark and taboo. Also a tattoo artist for those looking to make permanent marks on their bodies.

Fidget, Ms New Jersey Leather 2011

Sir Guy of Brownsville

Johanna Constantine

Cherries Jubalee, Ms Illinois Leather 2011

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